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Pension Funds

Pension Funds

Bocater is the only full service firm to pension fund in Brazil. The firm has a dedicated team, formed by almost two tens of skilled professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the area of pension funds.

We offered all the law’s service to complementary welfare entities, mainly to pension funds, including engaged in judicial litigation, with over 4 thousand, under our assistance

Some of the services we provide in the practice:

Practice directed toward to pension funds entities;


Application of legal regulations (Complementarys Law 109/2001 and 108/2001, rules of Conselho Nacional de Previdência Complementar-CNPC, legal norms of Conselho Monetário Nacional-CMN, among others);


Modeling of articles of incorporation of new entities, including those that are sponsored by public entities or geared towards lenders;


Advice on the structure of the entity’s internal governance, including process of investment governance;


Regulations for benefits plans;


Costing rules, their amendments and treatment of imbalance (deficit);


Processes of participant migration, portability, transfer of benefits plans, consolidation and spin-off of pension fund entities;


Advice on specific rules of investments to pension fund entities and public fund managers;


Advice on the specific investment rules for pension fund entities;


Advice to single investment transactions;


Advice on specific routines and procedures for the purpose of minimizing the liability of management and the respective sponsor;


Administrative revenue optimization;

Taxation pension fund entities and their transactions, as well as their participants and beneficiaries;


Contracts with external service providers, especially with asset managers and administrators;


Assistance with administrative processes, including inspections by the Superintendência Nacional de Previdência Complementar (PREVIC), preparing and following defenses and appeals at higher levels of the justice system;


Volume judicial litigation with over 4 thousands judicial processes under our assistance;


Strategic judicial litigation;


Practice to specific cases involved open pension funds; and

Practice to specific cases involved public social security.

"The quality of work is very high. They are very committed, widely recognized and demonstrate high technical capacity."

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Bocater, Camargo, Costa e Silva, Rodrigues Advogados
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Bocater, Camargo, Costa e Silva, Rodrigues Advogados
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