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Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

The Firm’s litigation and dispute resolution team has vast experience handling corporate disputes in the fields of business, corporate, capital markets, civil, tax and labor law, in addition to handling arbitration and litigation in administrative proceedings.
The Firm’s experience is based on a wide-ranging portfolio of highly complex, successful cases in federal and state courts (in both general and specialized jurisdictions), as well as in disputes of an administrative nature and arbitration. It is also widely known for its expertise in the punitive administrative proceedings of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Central Bank of Brazil and the National Superintendence for Pension Funds – PREVIC (Superintendência Nacional de Previdência Complementar).

Some of the services we provide in the practice:

  • Representation in civil, corporate, administrative, labor, banking, tax, and other types of litigation, at all levels of the justice system;
  • Representation in the administrative area, for the preparation and follow-up of defenses in administrative proceedings involving government bodies and state-owned corporations, as well as regulatory bodies, at all levels;
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings in Brazil and abroad, as well as advising on the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution;
  • Advice in complex litigation and conflict resolution disputes in Brazil and abroad; and· Review and assessment of legal and administrative proceedings in the course of due diligence proceedings, seeking possible contingent liability.

"The quality of work is very high. They are very committed, widely recognized and demonstrate high technical capacity."

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